Neonatal conditions are the leading cause of death and disability in low-income countries.¹

In Africa, most births are in hospitals, yet 1.1 million newborns die annually,² 80% from preventable causes.³


Most hospitals lack the life‐saving technologies, equipment, and trained staff necessary to manage small and sick newborns.

The United Nations set a Global Sustainable Development goal to end preventable newborn deaths by 2030, but 60 countries will miss this target.


We collaborate with governments to strengthen health systems with innovative technology, education, and policy resources.

Deliver innovation

We deliver and sustain a package of affordable technologies for small and sick newborn care.

Develop education ecosystems

We prepare clinicians, biomedical technicians, and students to support small and sick newborn care and foster innovation.

Implement evidence-based care

We enable countries to implement evidence-based care for small and sick newborns and make the investment case to sustain quality care.



NEST360 Africa Map Placeholder
NEST360 Africa Map

*Information in the map above reflects our Annual Impact report, and will be updated each year with current information.


NEST360 is an international alliance of clinical, technical, and public health experts from 15 leading institutions, governments, and organizations.

3rd Stone Design
Addis Ababa University
APIN Public Health Initiatives
Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology
Hatch Technologies
Ifakara Health Institute

Kamuzu University of Health Sciences
London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine
Malawi University of Business and Applied Sciences
Malawi University of Science & Technology

Northwestern University
Oxford KEMRI-Wellcome Trust
Rice360 Institute for Global Health Technolgies
University of Ibadan
University of Lagos

Our Leadership

Our global leadership team spans six countries across three continents:


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