Baby Joy is not eating and is cold…

Please find baby Joy at the Radiant Warmer station, she will be wearing a pink knit cap.

Baby Joy’s mother reports that her daughter is not feeding well, and her hands and feet feel cold. Her nurse takes Joy’s temperature. Her body temperature is below 35°C or 95°F. (37°C/98.6°F are the normal range.)

What does her examination show?

Joy’s temperature is low. Her lethargy and difficulty feeding indicate possibly hypothermia, a condition where Joy cannot maintain a safe body temperature. Left untreated, Joy’s hypothermia can lead to health problems, including an increased risk of infections or death.

What care is available to her?

Baby Joy’s clinician recommends placing her on a warming mattress until her body temperature improves. Her mother is instructed to hold Joy using a technique called Kangaroo Mother Care, which transfers her mother’s body heat to Joy through skin-to-skin contact. During her care, Joy’s nurse will use a continuous temperature monitor to make sure she remains warm.

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