Baby Prince is having trouble breathing…

Please find baby Prince at the bubbleCPAP station, he will be wearing a blue knit cap. 

Baby Prince’s mother gave birth to Prince via emergency c-section. He was born after spending only 34 weeks in the womb. Prince is considered pre-term, underweight, and is struggling to breathe on his own, which is common in pre-term babies and those born by c-section.

What does his examination show?

His nurse observes that breathing is difficult for Prince; he is breathing rapidly and grunting after breaths. He will require breathing support. Prince’s doctor diagnoses him with respiratory distress syndrome (RDS), meaning he needs breathing assistance.

How can his nurses & doctors help him?

Prince’s nurses and doctors place Prince on a Bubble Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (bCPAP). This device helps Prince breathe by providing continuous pressure that prevents Prince’s lungs from collapsing when he exhales and supplies him with blended oxygen. Baby Prince will remain on the bCPAP until his lungs mature and he can breathe on his own.

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