Baby Vincent is pale and sleepy…

Please find baby Vinvent at the diagnostic station, he will be wearing a green knit cap.

Baby Vincent’s mother noticed that Baby Vincent was having trouble feeding and would sometimes stop breathing for a period of time. He seems pale and sleepy.

What does his examination show?

The nurse examines Baby Vincent. His coloring seems pale but not yellow in color. He is breathing and not making any noises while breathing. The nurse takes his temperature, and it is normal. Further examination is needed, so Vincent’s nurse runs a few blood tests on Baby Vincent using the glucometer, bilirubinometer, and hemoglobinometer. His glucose levels are low, and his other results are within normal ranges.

What care is available to him?

Vincent is given an oral glucose solution. The nurse waits fifteen minutes and rechecks his glucose levels again using the glucometer. The levels are in the normal range. Vincent will remain under observation, and his glucose levels will be tested every four hours to ensure he maintains an appropriate glucose level.

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