Fund Overview

The fund will cover the following types of improvements:

  • Minor renovation and remodelling of existing newborn care units and/or KMC wards and the purchase of essential furnishings;
  • Expansion of existing newborn care spaces to increase capacity and/or space for clinical mentorship;
  • Where deemed necessary, the construction of new structures for the provision of newborn care;
  • Minor renovation and remodelling of existing maternity units where changes are expected to improve newborn outcomes (e.g., reducing hypothermia on admission for inborn babies);
  • Upgrading of biomedical engineering workshops within facilities linked with improvements in the provision of newborn care;

  • Purchase/installation of solutions to major challenges such as power outages or water supply;
  • Purchase/installation of solutions to support reliable internet connectivity to support data collection, training, and remote mentorship;
  • Purchase/installation of additional equipment for facilities with significant increases in bed capacity.


  • Facility must be designated NEST360-supported site in Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria or Ethiopia and commit to honouring NEST360 MOU terms and agreement;
  • Facility must commit to matching at least 50% of the projected cost of work, either directly or through another donor;
  • Facility must commit to ensure an adequate number of qualified and well-trained staff are allocated to the newborn unit, with reasonable staff rotation policies;
  • Facilities must commit to ensure that the following are currently present at the facility and/or commitments are made to enable (such as use of infrastructure fund dollars to support):
  • Respectful and family-centred care with adequate provision for parents and guardians, e.g., waiting areas, washing, and toilet facilities, and advocacy for zero separation of mother and baby to nurturing care;
  • The provision of safe and reliable electricity and water sources for the newborn units.

Disbursement and Accountability

Based on agreed-upon workplans related to the project scope, cost-sharing, timeline, and milestones, funds will be disbursed in batches. Upon the completion of each milestone, a designated NEST360 representative will inspect the work along with facility management to ensure that it is satisfactory before the next batch is disbursed.

The NEST360 country office will require backup documentation, such as invoices and receipts from facility management for all purchases or payments made with allocated funds.

The NEST360 country office will require demonstration of expenditures that contribute to the matching of NEST360 Infrastructure Improvement Funds.