Catalysing locally-owned, evidence-based change

Transforming Health Systems

NEST360 works across the whole health system in partnership with governments, healthcare professionals, educators, and families to improve health outcomes.

Data for Action

Small and Sick newborns are the most vulnerable, and their care is an important indicator of the quality and strength of any healthcare system. Through national partnerships, NEST360 transforms how data are captured in a healthcare facility to improve quality and measure progress in newborn survival and care.

Journey of a Facility

Step 01


Service Readiness Checklist

Service Readiness Checklist

A rapid screening tool to ensure hospitals meet the minimum criteria for NEST technology installation.

Step 02

Baseline Assessment

Health Facility Assessment

Health Facility Assessment

The Health Facility Assessment tool, co-designed with UNICEF, is used in partnership with the facility to identify gaps in quality of care and enable the facility to provide course correction and intervention.

Step 03

Medical Device Installation & Training

Installation & Training

We work with hospitals to help them access and install affordable newborn medical technologies and provide training and support to hospital staff for sustained quality newborn care. 

Step 04


Data & Dashboard

Quality Improvement Process & Tools

We work with governments to co-develop quality improvement tools and processes to track outcomes and quality of care for course correction.

The Facility Quality Improvement Dashboard summarizes outcomes of clinical care enabling stakeholders to improve the quality of service.

Step 05

Sustained Scale

Investment Case

Investment Case

A flexible, modular investment case to support country champions to provide resources for sustained high-quality small and sick newborn care.

Newborn Data Collection occurs throughout Baseline Assessment, Implementation, and Sustained Use. 

The neonatal inpatient data set monitors key variables to provide a snapshot of every newborn for a comparable assessment of the intervention’s impact and quality of care.

NEST has come to revolutionize how we deliver newborn care. Now everyone—including hospital staff, hospital administration, policy makers, county leaders, and supply chain managers—is talking about newborn care because we have created an environment where there is continuous conversation about improvement, change, and collaboration.

Edith Gicheha

Clinical Training Director, NEST360 Kenya

Sustainable National Change

NEST360 supports the adoption of national policies, guidelines, standards, and training for comprehensive newborn care that are aligned with the sustainable development goals, and Every Newborn Targets, and in support of WHO standards.

Implementation Toolkit for Small and Sick Newborn Care

NEST360 and UNICEF have co-developed a global Implementation Toolkit for Small and Sick Newborn Care that brings together best practices, resources, and learnings for implementing small and sick newborn care services. It is written for implementers, by implementers, drawing on experiences from a multi-partner consortium and a growing community of practice of 200 implementers.

It is continuously updated to include new resources, events, and materials.