Written by Helen Bokea & Ekran Rashid

Contributors: Carrie Noxon and Nicole Moreno

GIC for Pre-service clinical training

Lecturers and mentors who attended the Newborn ETAT course also had the opportunity to participate in the Generic Instructor Course (GIC) on May 4-6, 2022, in Nairobi, Kenya. The GIC provides training to potential instructors in how to teach providers course material. GIC attendees learn the principles of teaching adults in different learning environments through lectures, demonstrations, discussions, and interactive practice sessions. The skills learned in GIC are beneficial beyond life support courses and can inform all teaching.

Clinical mentorship

All 13 NEST implementing hospitals in Kenya participated in two-day clinical mentorship visits between April 13 and May 6, 2022. Each hospital identified its mentorship needs, and mentors targeted these topics through practical and hands-on sessions. After the mentorship, the mentors and mentees developed an action plan that included deadlines and responsible persons to effect changes.

World Prematurity Day Celebrations

World Prematurity Day Celebrations

World Prematurity Day is an international day to raise awareness for babies who are born too soon. This year with partners around the world we highlighted Kangaroo Mother Care. Preterm birth continues to be the leading contributor to under-5 deaths globally, being responsible for almost half of all under-5 deaths in 2021. Immediate initiation of Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) has shown to significantly decrease newborn mortality. Skin-to-skin contact’s benefits includes improved thermal regulation, infection prevention, improved breast feeding, positive facilitation of physiological, behavioral, psychosocial, and neurodevelopment, and a reduced risk of neonatal mortality.