Partner updates: an overview of the past few months

Written by: Carrie Noxon

Contributors: Opeyemi Odedere, George O’Kello, Cate Paul and Evelyn Zimba

Along with the World Prematurity Day celebrations, each NEST360 country-led team has accomplished incredible progress toward sustainability and institutionalization efforts in small and sick newborn care.


NEST360 Kenya completed the health facilities progress review and introduction of data for action visits at Thika on September 7, Machakos on September 8, Kerugoya on September 13, and Nyeri and Embu on September 14. Facilities were receptive to the new NEST360 Kenya leadership and discussions around data led to action points to help the facilities tackle challenges and promote success.


NEST360 Malawi was honored to be invited to co-facilitate a pilot of the Malawi Ministry of Health Biomedical Tech Training, institutionalizing NEST360 tech training into government training programs.


NEST360 Nigeria worked with the Federal Ministry of Health leadership, Momentum Country and Global Leadership (MCGL), and UNICEF, to conduct a four-day national training in August for 33 Biomedical Engineering Technicians (BMETs) across secondary and tertiary health facilities from 19 northern Nigerian states. This training was part of a partnership between NEST360, USAID, and MCGL and included BMETs from NEST360 facilities and BMETs sponsored by UNICEF, Integrated Health Program (IHP), and MCGL. It was a great example of coordinating efforts across different programs and will include additional trainings in Quarter 4.


NEST360 Tanzania visited Morogoro Regional Referral Hospital in July for discussions with SolidarMED (Swiss Organisation for Health in Africa), Dr. Daniel Nkungu, the medical officer in charge, and two pediatricians from Morogoro. The meetings secured a space for neonates, which will be expanded and renovated by SolidarMED. The project supports three public hospitals in the Morogoro region: Mahenge District Hospital, Kibaoni Hospital, and Morogoro Regional Referral Hospital. It aims to improve newborn survival and implement research to identify the most cost-effective service package for scale-up.

NEST360 is providing technical support and has trained 55 healthcare workers, including four biomedical engineers. The team also provided technical support on the setup of a neonatal unit floor plan, including NICU and KMC, and with establishing the hospital to set up the data system. This is an outstanding commitment to neonatal care!

group of people standing in front a building

NEST360 Tanzania visiting the groundbreaking in Morogoro. Left to right Dr. Hawa Ngasongwa – Paediatrician, Head of Paediatrics and Child Health at MRRH, Sr. Federica Laurenti, who works with SolidarMED, Dr. Nahya Salim, Pediatrician and NEST 360 clinical lead, MUHAS, Dr. Joseph Nkungu, Medical officer-in-charge, MRRH, Dr. Robert Tillya, Medical doctor, NEST 360 Program, Dr. Rajab Mrutu, Pediatrician at St. Francis Referral Hospital, Morogoro