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With its recent success in supporting the government in India in scaling-up high quality of care neonatal units in hospitals across India in just a decade, UNICEF Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival Division has been a valued expert partner in the roll out of NEST across sub-Saharan Africa. UNICEF has been instrumental in providing: knowledge to help shape NEST health facility assessment and tracking tools, input on the development and dissemination of the NEST clinical education modules, and insights on key considerations for the scale-up and implementation of NEST, including floor plans, service organization, data systems, insights into costing, and needed prerequisites for successful scale-up of facility based newborn care.

In collaboration with the UNICEF Supply Division, a set of newborn care technology Target Product Profiles (TPPs) were developed as public good resources.  These TPPs list a proposed set of performance and operational characteristics for 16 newborn products across 6 product categories: Hydration, Nutrition and Drug Delivery; Jaundice Management; Point-of-Care Diagnostics; Infection Prevention and Control; Respiratory Support; and Thermal Management.

The TPPs are available for download on the UNICEF website here.