Our resources support clinicians, engineers, and administrators to implement an evidence-based model for sustainable, high-quality hospital-based newborn care in limited-resource settings. 

Clinical and Technical Resources

Training Videos

Training Videos demonstrate model-specific equipment setup, use, and maintenance and are used as training aids in clinical and technical training.

Technical Modules

Technical Modules prepare biomedical technicians on the technical use of technologies for newborn care in resource limited settings. 

Preview of Job Aids

Clinical Job Aids

Clinical Job Aids act as a reference for hospital staff and students during practical demonstrations, learning, and clinical use. 

Technical Scenarios

Technical Scenarios provide example situations for facilitated discussions on the technical use of technologies for newborn care in resource limited settings. 

Clinical Modules

Clinical Modules prepare healthcare staff and students to understand when and how to safely and effectively use equipment essential to newborn care. 

Generic Instructor Course

Generic Instructor Course (GIC)

The Generic Instructor Course (GIC) is designed to train potential instructors in how to teach providers’ course material. 

Clinical Scenarios

Clinical Scenarios provide example situations for facilitated discussions on the clinical use of technologies for newborn care in resource limited settings. 

Technology Resources

Target Product Profiles for Newborn Care

In collaboration with UNICEF, NEST360 developed the target product profiles (TPPs) which list a proposed set of performance & operational characteristics for 16 newborn products.

Innovation Submission Form

If you have an innovation to be considered for inclusion in the next edition of the Innovation Technology Landscape, complete the Submission Form and email it to us!

NEST360 Qualified Technologies for Small and Sick Newborn Care

The NEST360 Qualified Technologies are a lists of newborn care technologies best suited for use in low-resource setting hospitals, including being effective, affordable, rugged, and simple to use.

Innovation Technology Landscape

A compendium that catalogs innovations from NEST360 university partners that solve healthcare challenges identified by the invention education curriculum.

Newborn Technology Landscape

A compendium of newborn healthcare technologies, both commercially available and in development, suited for use in resource-limited settings.

Newborn Technology Survey Template

Do you have a technology (either commercially available or in development) that you would like to be considered for the next edition of the Newborn Technology Landscape? If so, please fill out our Technology Landscaping Survey.

Implementation Resources

Implementation Toolkit

The Implementation Toolkit for small and sick newborn care, codesigned by UNICEF and NEST360, is an open-access, online toolkit enabling implementors to reach every newborn. 

Health Facility Assessment (HFA)

The HFA resources are developed to assess service readiness for small and sick newborn care. They are codesigned by UNICEF, African Governments and other key experts.

Neonatal Inpatient Dataset (NID)

Co-designed to assess the quality of care for each newborn, with the purpose of informing quality improvement, measuring impact, and enabling actionable initiatives in neonatal units providing Level 2+CPAP care. 

COVID-19 Response Resources

COVID-19 Materials for Newborn Care

The intended use of these resources are to aid clinicians and hospital staff to manage COVID-19 response efforts in newborn care units in sub-Saharan Africa. 

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