Delivering and sustaining newborn technologies

Quality Newborn Care

The largest contributors to neonatal mortality are preterm birth, intrapartum complications, and infection. Many deaths attributable to these causes are preventable through six categories of care:

infection prevention and control

Respiratory Therapy

Many conditions that affect newborns in the first days of life can result in low levels of oxygen in the body and the need for oxygen provisions.

infection prevention and control

Thermal Management

Maintaining newborn body temperature is essential, because mortality rates increase with each degree of body temperature lost.

infection prevention and control

Infection Prevention and Control

Controlling and preventing infections helps deliver timely treatment for a major cause of newborn mortality.

hydration, nutrition, and drug delivery icon image

Point-of-Care Diagnostics

In low-resource settings, point-of-care diagnostic tests enable health-care workers to provide more rapid and effective care.

infection prevention and control

Jaundice Management

Most neonates will have elevated levels of unconjugated bilirubin and some amount of jaundice during the first weeks of life.

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Hydration, Nutrition, and Drug Delivery

Syringe pumps deliver medication and small quantities of fluids continuously through an intravenous line.

NEST360 Qualified Technologies

NEST360 works with hospitals to identify existing technology gaps and deliver what is needed for comprehensive care. To reduce mortality, hospitals need access to all the technologies that address the preventable causes of newborn death. We partnered with UNICEF to develop Target Product Profiles that propose a set of performance and operational characteristics for 18 types of newborn care devices. NEST360 tests, evaluates, and qualifies technologies for low-resource settings.

The NEST360 Bundle

Phototherapy Light

MTTS Colibri Phototherapy
MTTS Firefly
Phoenix Brilliance Pro


Nova StatStrip Glucose Hospital Meter System
Nova StatStrip Xpress2


Diamedica UK Baby CPAP 10
Pumani bubbleCPAP

Flow Splitter

Caire Chart SureFlow Oxygen Flow Station
Canta Flow Splitter
Longfian 5-way Flow Spitter

Oxygen Concentrator

Canta V8-WN-NS
CAIRE Airsep NewLife Intensity 10
Longfian Jay-10 Dual Flow

Pulse Oximeter

Acare Lifebox
Bistos BT-710

Suction Pump

3A Aspeed Professional

Radiant Warmer

MTTS Wallaby
Phoenix NWS-101