Newborn Essential Solutions and Technologies

We are an international alliance united to end preventable newborn deaths in African hospitals

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We deliver a package of technologies and services that enable local governments to save newborn lives, improve newborn outcomes, and empower the medical workforce of the future.

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What We Do


and sustain innovation

We deliver and sustain a package of affordable technologies for small and sick newborn care.


education ecosystem

We prepare clinicians, biomedical technicians, and students to support small and sick newborn care and to foster innovation.


evidence-based care

We enable the implementation of evidence-based policy and resources to help countries reach newborn survival targets and make the investment case to sustain quality small and sick newborn care. 

We are an international alliance of doctors, nurses, engineers, academics, and public health professionals that bring together diverse expertise to solve newborn health challenges.

NEST Alliance

We collaborate with governments to develop resources and integrate evidence-based solutions into local hospitals and national policies.

We work with some of the world’s most respected philanthropies to transform investment into stronger healthcare systems that save newborn lives.


We work with partners who share our values and whose mission is complementary to ours is essential to achieving our goal – to reduce neonatal mortality in sub-Saharan African hospitals by 50% – and to it being sustained long-term.

We work with doctors, nurses, educators, researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs from diverse global and local stakeholder organizations, including multi- & bi-lateral organizations, NGOs, ministries of health, professional associations and the private sector.

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